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Madmagz is a collaborative web application that makes it easy to create magazines in digital, PDF, or paper format.

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Laurence Bresard
3rd and 4th grade teacher and coordinator of Vannier Amance Rural Schools Network
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«The Madmagz opportunity allows students to develop their digital skills. It’s a great way to validate the B2i (France’s Information and Internet Certificate, which evaluates a student’s proficiency in computer science and the Internet). The students appreciate the fun aspect of the tool and use it by choice.»
Élève du club journal
Collège le Petit prince, Aix-en-provence
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«J’ai appris à avoir de l’imagination et travailler en équipe.»
Cloé, Stanislas, Théo et Océane
Collège Claude Nicolas Ledoux, Académie de Reims
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«L’EPI Mémoires nous a permis de ressentir la douleur et la tristesse des familles ou des soldats qui partaient à la guerre si jeune. Cela est triste et pénible mais nous avons ressenti leurs peines. Les lettres de poilus et de soldats écrites et lues ainsi que les sorties en histoire, en français et en anglais nous ont permis de connaître la guerre par rapport à notre époque et nous avons essayé de nous mettre à leur place.»
Cécile Dumoulin
Middle school vice superintendent
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«On the Path to School» advocates for diversity and equality. It’s a really fun project that combines an introduction to media with French language learning and brings about global exposure.»
Anne-Caroline Floch
French as a foreign language teacher at Haut-Mesnil Middle School
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«The project truly helps students improve their oral expression.[…] They will learn many, many things about the wide world around us, which allows them to create and develop new friendships.»

Key Advantages


Teach science, languages, art, etc., in an educational project-based way!


Build your students’ critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills!


Cultivate your students’ thirst for knowledge, sense of initiative, persistence, flexibility, faculty for leadership, and social and cultural intelligence.

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