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Madmagz is a collaborative web application that makes it easy to create magazines in digital, PDF, or paper format.


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Only one project? A single template and limited use of the tool; perfect for getting started.

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The unlimited and complete use of Madmagz software for teachers and students during one full year.

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School library media specialist, Mme de Sévigné Middle School
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«I opted for your website as I was looking for a relatively easy way to make an online journal. The concept is very practical and quite a deal for the quality of the service. The students are rather satisfied with the whole and are excited to see their end result.»
Karine Houdré
9th grade Spanish teacher
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«Madmagz is a wonderful teaching tool thanks to its accessibility and easy-to-use functions. No time is wasted on having to explain how the website works. Furthermore, multiple pages can be made simultaneously, which is very practical when the students are working in groups.»
Karine Mougenet
Terrain Fayard Middle School
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«Madmagz is a new and unique tool which highlights classroom work and teaches students to look at things from multiple perspectives. It additionally makes it possible to touch on a wide variety of subjects.»

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