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Looking to publish the knowledge, skills, and qualities of the 21st century.

The knowledge, skills, and qualities of the 21st century.

There is a consensus that education today must evolve in order to continuously respond to the challenges of the 21st century. This conclusion was established on findings from the World Economic Forum report.


Literacy, Numeracy, Scientific Culture, Digital Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Cultural and Civic Intelligence


Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Teamwork


Curiosity, Sense of Initiative, Persistence, Flexibility, Leadership, Social and Cultural Intelligence

Madmagz Education: a new goal

Oral communication, teamwork, cultural and civic intelligence, critical thinking, persistence, leadership: these soft skills which blend competencies and qualities are considered by experts, parents, teachers, employers and last but not least students alike to be just as important as foundational literacies in order to evolve in this day and age where continuous learning is always required.

Building bonds through our culture





Entrepreneurial spirit

Commitment and impact


20,000 scholastic magazines created by 500,000 students and teachers in over 30 countries !

Project Learning Method

Students must learn together, learn by creating, and learn to play a main role in their process of knowledge acquisition.

Digital Technology and the Teaching Method

Digital technology could ease and lead to more successful teaching methods.

We Come to You

We travel to more than 50 sites in France and abroad per year to ensure we are best serving communities and teachers.


We work with numerous leaders in the educational realm such as regional education authorities, districts, Canopé, eTwinning, AFINEF, and EdTech France.

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